Heterosexual Divorce Levels in The UK at the Lowest Level Since 1973

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The statement given by the UK’s statistics office stating “the decrease in divorce is directly proportional to the decline in marriage when determined during the same period.” Since 1973, the number of reported divorces on heterosexual couples both in Wales and England is at the lowest ever in history.

Results from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that in 2017, 101,669 opposite-sex couples divorced in England and Wales. This was equal to 4.9% decrease from the figures reported in 2016. While in 2017, 338 divorce cases of the same-sex partners were reported, which was a sharp increase from 2016. The report indicated that about 74% of the total number of heterosexual divorces were among women partners.

The rate of divorce among heterosexual male couples aged 45 years and above increased in the year 2017 and that of women of the age 50 years and above when compared to the figures shown in 2015. The most recent year that was reported with the highest number of divorce cases was in 2003 which had 64% higher than of 2017. The ONS indicated that the decline was imminent with the fall in the number of marriages over the same time.

The explanation given stated that many couples preferred cohabiting to getting married. Nicola Haines, one of the ONS officers, argued that opposite-sex divorces rates in the UK are at the lowest level since 1973, which was about 40% lower than in 1993 when it was at the peak, a busy time for divorce solicitors Ormskirk and around the UK.

Among the older people rates of divorce are quite higher in 2017 than it was in 1993 – probably because there’s an increased aging population and some individuals are getting married later in life. The ONS records that in 2009, there was an increase in the median time of divorced couples when the marriage was only 11.4 years old. The ONS goes on to disclose that age at marriage is the most significant element considered during the divorce with the teens and those marrying in their early 20s being at the greatest risk.

Between 2016 and 2017, the number of homosexual divorces more tripled because the marriage of same-sex couples in Wales and England begun in March 2014. In 2017, out of the total number of divorces reported, 62% were filed by the wife. Between 1980 and 2000, the number has been consistent or slightly above 70%. The most prevalent reason for same-sex and heterosexual divorces was due to misbehaving. Misbehaviour was also the critical reason among the wives standing at 52% filing for divorce compared to 37% of all husbands.

Aiden Jones, the chief executive for relationship support charity, says that in most cases things worsen when children leave home. He adds that as life expectancy increases, many people opt to cut the relationships and look for another love later in life other than remaining unhappy for their entire lives. This reason too leads to divorces.

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