How we do what we do
Each new client who makes contact with The Vine is offered the chance to change their life. This is often a long-term goal, with many small achievements and the occasional set-back on the way. When each client is ready to make a change, we will work together to make a thorough assessment of their needs. With this in place we can make contact with other local agencies, which provide the support our clients need to start the journey back to a stable life.

We work hard to adapt our service to the changing needs of our clients.

We also work with the other agencies who can offer support to our clients, including Rush moor Borough Council, Job Center Plus, HOMER and local doctors’ surgeries.

To help vulnerably housed adults to find us, we put information about The Vine in public places like the local library; outreach to local community centers; visit places where homeless people are likely to come together as well as aiming to have a regular presence in the local press.

Raising our public profile also helps us to raise funds to keep our service going. We are very fortunate to be the primary beneficiary of funds raised by the Community Matters Partnership in 2011 and 2012. This has boosted awareness of our charity as well as bringing in vital funding raised by major colleges and businesses in the local area.

Of course, none of this essential work could actually happen without the support of our network of volunteers. Helping with everything from assistance in the kitchen, through to supporting the clients, teaching I.T. and helping to spread awareness of the center, the volunteers are an integral and valued part of our team.