Major UK Family Law Firm Look to Expand to 40 Offices

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According to the chief-executive of a Yorkshire headquartered family specialist, they are planning to expand their firm to about forty offices across UK. In 1892, they initiated from a small revamped cobbler’s shop into their office in the east Leeds, but now they have their network throughout the UK.

This major UK family law firm looks to expand 40 offices because they have established their strong roots in the field of law and the staff is experienced, trained and knows the sensitivity of the family matters. The main reason for their success is that they fall for the money of the individuals, people matter!

The accounts filed recently in financial year which ends on 31st March, 2018 exhibit the increase in revenue to £10.3m from the revenue for year 2016/17 which was £9.1m. The chief executive has told that apart from four newly opened offices in Bristol, Esher, Manchester, and Beverly they are aiming at setting up further offices and the bulk of investment has been made regarding this.

When the chief executive of a major UK family law firm was asked about their intentions to expand it to 40 offices, he replied, He further added that besides formulating new offices their main concern is to invest on the people and technology thus, providing a flexible and comfortable environ to our lawyers.

To apprehend fully the needs of the clients and the improvements they need, they researched markets very well. To ensure better and quality services they are considering making new ones in the areas where people lack such services.

“At the end of March 2017, we had 105 staff. They increased to 135 by March 2018 and we now have 168”, said the chief executive. The idea of flourishing this major UK family law firm and expanding to 40 offices, has also intrigued this firm to expand in services and help people solve their issues. However, these new changes have been to service section, supporting the individuals interested in adoption and surrogacy.

The chief executive told very gladly that they have several propositions and their financials for the investment purposes have superseded their hopes. In the next month they are opening new office in Birmingham, UK, to become a major player in the same way as they have in the family law solicitors Manchester‌ ‌scene.

The major UK family law firm looks to expand to 40 new offices, this is very interesting fact. They already have offices in Beverly, Ilkley, Leeds, Wetherby, Manchester, London, Bristol, Nottingham, Wilmslow, Altrincham, Reading, St Albans, Tunbridge Wells and Winchester.

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