What we do
Our aims are to:

-Increase the skills and employ ability of our clients
-Improve their mental health and well being
-Reduce their dependency on substances
-Improve their access to sustained housing, reducing the risk of homelessness
-Reduce the likelihood of our clients committing crime
-Our day center creates a safe environment, where clients are not judged. We offer activities which can help our clients develop a meaningful use of their time.

Many of these activities help develop essential life skills, including budgeting and I.T. skills. We aim to reduce our clients’ over reliance and dependency on our service and encourage them to positively engage and integrate with mainstream society.

On a day to day basis clients are provided with some of the basic life needs, including a hot midday meal and social interaction. Our day center also offers regular access to the substance misuse team, floating support and counselling. We can provide advocacy, advice and support, and act as a care address for post. For some clients the center offers a familiar and nonthreatening meeting place where they can engage with other support agencies.