Woman launches legal claim after Doctor’s don’t inform her of father’s Huntington’s disease

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Suing for irresponsible action by doctors have become common in recent times, across globe. Recently, this kind of action has created a chaos in the south west London, UK at the St. George’s Health care NHS trust. A UK woman, and a mother of a child had sued her father’s doctors for not telling her about the Huntington disease that her father carried for many years.

Background on the case
Huntington is a degenerative condition of an incurable brain disease. It is basically caused by one gene through mutation, and there is more than 60 percent chance that, the child of the person will also be inheriting the disease. It is been said that the symptoms of a Huntington disease recipient will usually be starting between the age of 30-60. Been said that, a UK family in south west London, recently came to know that the father carried the Huntington disease for years and doctors didn’t mention this to their family at all.

The woman, who had just given birth herself, found that she carried the Huntington disease, so her new born baby also has the disease. Researching about it, she came to know that her father had been suffering from the disease for several years. Due to potential confidentiality reasons – the women’s name cannot be disclosed. Getting to know more information about the issue, the women came to know that due to her father’s request, the doctors have hidden the fact that the man had Huntington disease.

It has been tough to know that, the man who carried the Huntington disease, has been convicted back in 2007, for manslaughter his wife due to personal reasons. Doctors in St. George’s Health care investigated his mental ability after two years and came to know that the man had Huntington disease in 2007. The convicted victim requested the doctors to not to disclose to his three daughters about the disease, since they might not take it well, and feel bad about it, and one her daughter was pregnant during that time. So, hearing the news she might abort the child due to the disease. So, the Doctor’s felt right about it and didn’t disclose it to their family members, during that time.

The Follow-up
Coming back to the case, back in April of 2010, the women (daughter of the previously convicted victim), gave birth to her first child, and got to know that her child had Huntington disease, which came from her. Getting shocked about the news, and after investigation, she followed to file a complaint on the doctors and sued the hospital (St. George’s Health care NHS Trust) for this irresponsible act of not conveying the news to their family members.

However, the case and decision were held and overturned again and again by the court. Last year, the doctors in the NHS trust faced a lot of pressure on this matter. The court set a date to appeal on the November of 2018. The case finally came to an end, by giving the grant and the women won the case by suing the hospital. The amount received by the woman for the case, in conjunction with the help of solicitor Manchester guidance, hasn’t been disclosed.

This is one of the first appeal case in the UK medical history, that has been charged against a medical disease. Even though doctors feel for a cause, it is their responsibility to convey it to respective family members, at the right time.

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